Davening Late

I asked my Rav (Rabbi Tzvi Fischer of the Portland Kolel) for a P’sak on Davening late – something that’s a bad habit for me and I want to ultimately change, but at least conform to Halacha while in the process of rectifying.

I want to write out what he said. Before I do, please understand the following things:

  1. This was his P’sak for me. Please ask your Rav/Rabbi what to do. If you do not have a Rav, go find one! I’m providing this here as a benefit for anybody interested in the Halachah.
  2. I am writing this out to best of my understanding of what I was instructed to do. I am not a rabbi. You’ll note I wrote everything below in the first-person, not saying what you should do, but rather what I should do.
  3. This is b’Dieved. We need to daven on time. I’m saying this as Mussar to myself and that it should be hopefully heeded by anybody reading this. Chazal clearly laid out the times when we are to daven. Check myzmanim.com for the correct time to daven where you live.
  4. It is Halachah that we need to daven in the morning before engaging in other activities. Check with your rabbi as to what this entails, but please understand that it is VERY important to make davening in the morning consistently a priority and not to rely on a Heter. I can say personally that it’s very difficult for me, but I’ve heard a concept (in the name of Rabbi Abba Wagensburg) that working on your greatest challenges bring you to the greatest of heights in Torah and Judaism so I wish us to have strength, Bezrat Hashem, in overcoming our obstacles and reaching our goals.

That said, here is what I understand:

  • I need to say the Shema before Z’man Kria Shema and say the Shemona Esrai before Z’man Tefillah and it is better make the correct times, even if it means davening quickly, than to daven late but potentially more drawn out.
  • If I miss Z’man Kria Shema, but still have time before Z’man Tefillah, I should still daven the regular Seder of Davening, including Birchas Kria Shema and all.
  • If I miss Z’man Tefillah but still have time before Chatzos, I should do a regular seder of davening, BUT EXCLUDE the Brachos of Kria Shema
  • If I miss Chatzos I should either put on Talis/Tefillin and just say the Shema, or put on Talis/Tefillin and daven Mincha. I would say two Shemona Esrai’s at Mincha “if [I] didn’t have a chance to daven”.
  • On Shabbos morning, where my Tzibor davens late, I should daven Shacharis at home, make Kiddush and eat, and then go to Shul for Krias HaTorah and Mussaf.

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  1. Jared says:

    First of all, thank you for sharing this;

    Second of all, what about karbonos and psukei dzimra? What are the rules regarding saying them if one misses zman tefillah? Past Chatzot? Do you say none of them? Do you add them at mincha?

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