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There is a site that lets you search for any word in Tanach and it will return the number of occurrences throughout the whole Tanach. It will also show you the Posukim.

Here are some interesting searches.

1) אהבה has a Gematria of 13 and also appears 13 times in the whole Tanach. The word חבר also appears 13 times in the whole Tanach. The word אחד, which also has Gematria of 13 appears exactly 400 times in the Tanach.

What’s it mean? Well there is a connection between friendship, love, and oneness. What about the 400 times that אחד is found? Any suggestions?

2) The word שירה only appears once in Tehillim (link). I would have expected it to appear much more.

3) מרכבה is found four times in the whole Tanach (none of which are in Yechezkel). The four letters in Hashem’s name… the four animals on the Merkava… lots of relation to four.

4) הַלָּזֶה is found three times in the whole Tanach (link). Rabbi Wagensberg discusses this word in great detail in Parshas Chayei Sarah, where Rivkah asks the Eved (after seeing Yitzchak in the field for the first time) מִי הָאִישׁ הַלָּזֶה. He explains that she answered her own question. “Who is this man?” The answer is: הַלָּזֶה He explains that HaLaZeh is an allusion to Yitzchak who was resurrected at the age of 37 (לז) after the Akeida and explains the special association with the two Hei’s.

I could spend hours looking things up. I think it’s amazing how accessible this is and finding secrets in the numbers of the Torah is a nice reminder that Hashem is One. It is important to try to expound on things you find so they leave more of an impression than “wow”, but even if that’s all you feel you have time for, I suggest you go to that website and look up a few words up that you’re interested in and comment here with what you find. (I’m assuming that somebody will read this.)

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  1. Muki says:

    Hmm, That is strange, what algorithm does that site use?
    I am curious because another source ( shows the word merkabah used 44 times in the whole of tanach), although again, not once in yehezkel.

    Just curious as to why that is.

  2. chaim says:

    It looks like the link you posted is first translating the word into english and then searching in an English translation of the Tanach.

    It list two sources that it’s searching. The first is KJV and the second is NAS. Based on this being a Christian site, I would have to assume that KJV stands for “King James Version” (i.e. not an accurate translation). Some googling led me to find that NAS stands for “New American Standard”, which was written in 1971.

    That said, the discrepancy is still large. To explain the difference, I would guess that they are translating every possible conjugation of מרכבה. Also words like המרכבה (“the chariot”) and למרכבה would count as a hit (and if you search for those words you’ll find more hits)

    When you start changing around the words there can be endless possibilities. The Ba’al HaTurim’s commentary is largely based on words that appear a certain number of times in the Torah spelled in a particular way. For instance if a word is typically spelled with a Vav, but in only 3 places in the whole Tanach the Vav in left out, the Ba’al HaTurim comments on the number of occurrences of that specific spelling – not on the possibly numerous occurrences of the same word spelled in full.

  3. Muki says:

    hmmm, I totally didn’t realize that, but it makes perfect sense.

    Thank Chaim!

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