Just reading the Parsha without commentary I find so many new interesting things in Bereishis every year.

There was somebody named Lemech who accidentally killed Kain and his own son Tuval-Kain. (ok I looked in Rashi to find that out). He says that if Kain who intentionally killed suffered vengeance at seven generations then he would suffer at seventy seven for unintentionally killing. Later it says the days of his life were seven hundred an seventy seven.

I have many questions about all that including what Lemech’s reasoning must have been and how long is a generation and of course am interested in the 7 77 777 thing.

777=7×111 = 3x7x37

3x7x37 … That’s particularly interesting.


Some things to think about over the three day Yom Tov…

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  1. chaim says:

    Also Lemech’s name has Gematria of 78 or 77 + 1. What’s it all mean?

  2. Rifka says:

    wow very neat questions.. why not e-mail Rav Ginsburg?

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